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  • Help us win one for the community!

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    Help us win the ‪#GreaterRace2015‬ Wild Card entry which includes a shot @ $18,000.

    That's 3,600 kids we can serve and one great public art event for the city! All it takes is one click per day per device, no forms to fill out. So what are you waiting for, vote now!

  • Announcing: Southside Maker Art Center (SMAC)!

    For four years, Art 120 has brought creativity and imagination to urban youth from Avondale to Alton Park. Our flagship Maker program, the Urban Art Bike program, has provided STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathmatics) Workshops for forty-two kids and created eighteen art bikes in all.

    Today, we are proud to announce our new space, the Southside Maker Art Center (aka SMAC). SMAC is being built from the ground up as a cooperative creative space for the community, by the community. We want to include as many tools and supplies as our creative neighborhood desires, This is where YOU come in. We need your input to make sure this space is awesome! We'll have more details on SMAC as our plans continue, but for now we would greatly appreciate your input by clicking below and taking a quick survey about what you'd like to see in your space.

    We greatly appreciate everyone's feedback and enthusiastically look forward to unveiling this space for the creative mind in all of us!

  • Urban Art Bikes On A Roll This Summer!

    One of the most creative summer programs continues, Art 120 is thrilled to announce the 2015 Urban Art Bike Camp in July! For four years and teaching a total of 42 kids, it's exciting to bring another batch of kids into the fold, having them weld their overflowing imaginations into reality.

    Click here and fill out the application form for the Teacher Training Class

    Click here and Sign Up today for the Summer Art Bike Camp!

    Teacher Training Class

    Located inside Art 120's workshop, just off Main and Broad at 1511 Williams Street, Art 120 will be holding a special teacher training class beginning July 6th. The 7 day course runs Friday-Saturday and Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm with an 1 hour break for lunch. Teachers will learn how to instruct a team through Art 120’s STEAM-based program using a variety of tools and techniques, including welding. To really provide a hands-on experience, teachers will work in teams to build an art bike of their own design just like our students.

    The cost for the class is $400 and includes all gear, supplies, and materials. Adults from all disciplines are encouraged to apply. If participants satisfy the requirements of the course and can commit to teaching, they will be eligible to receive a teaching stipend to offset their tuition depending on commitment and availability. Each teacher will be assigned a team of four youth and an assistant for the student program. There are only twelve slots available on a first come, first serve basis, so please register ASAP!

    To sign up, please click here and fill out the application form for the Teacher Training Class!

    Summer Art Bike Camp

    Concluding the teacher training class, the student Summer Art Bike Camp will begin! Students ages 11 -15 will work in teams to complete several art bike contraptions, learning about the art of sculpture, design, fabrication, engineering, problem solving, and introduction to welding. Students will also have the opportunity to participate with their created bikes in several public events throughout the year and share their creations with the community.

    The class will be from July 13th through the 24th, Monday to Friday, from 8AM to Noon. For those who apply by June 19th, the camp cost $400 per student. After June 19th, the price will be $500. This special, fee-based program not only teaches welding and engineering concepts, but also helps us provide more opportunities for underserved youth in the community.

    Click here and Sign Up today for the Summer Art Bike Camp!

  • Thanks Again Chattanooga! Art Cars Love You!

    Wow! What an amazing Art Car Weekend in Chattanooga! Once again local businesses, the city, and individuals stepped up to help us put on the best show yet while reaching just over 2,500 children in Hamilton County without an art program. Once all the data is collected for the entire weekend, we will share in next week's post. Until then, here are some wonderful photos before the ball. The Art Car Fire Ball was so amazing, we will have to post that separately next week.

  • Chattanooga, Start Your Art Cars!

    The Scenic City Art Car Weekend will be rolling into town May 8th & 9th. Registration is now open! Some of you out there may already have an amazing car, lowrider, or cool wheeled contraption. Or, you have an idea and are ready to give it a shot. Registration is open until April 24th. If you do not have an image yet, you can submit a sketch of your idea and debut it to the public on May 9th. Individuals, schools, businesses, and non-profit organizations can click here to apply! Schools can still register for the Art-Car-A-Van May 8th. Click here to enroll your school today!

  • Sponsor a Child for the Art-Car-A-Van May 8th

    Keep the Art-Car-A-Van Rolling!

    There are 32 elementary schools in Hamilton County that do not have an art program. For less than a Mocha Latte, you can help reach, teach, & inspire them.

    These children will:

    • Meet two artists with different art styles/mediums.
    • Have a chance to touch the art, peer in the windows, see the ornamentation/lights, and in some cases, hear the sounds.
    • Learn that their ideas are powerful like how they can turn an ambulance into a giant red wagon or a bike into a winged dragon!
    • Get to to be curious, ask questions, and share thoughts.
    • Have fun!

    Sponsor a Child and Join the Party!

    While the artists are here, Art 120 will hold a tailgate party and parade for everyone! Come see these amazing creations up close, vote for your favorite school entry, and celebrate what you helped us accomplish. This whole weekend of Awareness, Reaching, and Teaching (A.R.T.) costs only $5 per child. Donate now at

  • Love Art, Give Art, Get a Shirt!


    It's Valentine's week, you would love to give that special someone a meaningful piece of art. What? Not quite ready to splurge on that Picasso just yet? Fear not my friend, We have a WAY more meaningful gift in mind. When you make a donation of $25 or more this week, you will not only bring an inspirational art experience to at least 5 children that do not have art in their elementary school, you will also get this amazing t-shirt to give as a gift or wear with pride.

    Oh yeah, did we mention that you will also be able to see this artwork up close in May? Bring your sweetie to our free public art tailgater and you can tell them with pride that you made this happen.

    Donate Today, Help a Child,
    and Have the Best Date Ever!!!

    Ladies from the U.S. Gymnastics Competitions Fell Head Over Heels in Love with our Program!
    Ladies from the U.S. Gymnastics Competitions Fell Head Over Heels in Love with our Program!

  • Urban Art Bikes at Mainx24!

    Our urban art bike team will once again be part of Main Street's community celebration. On Saturday, December 6th, be on the lookout for your wildest dreams on wheels during The Mainx24 parade at 10:30am. After the parade, join us next to the Flying Squirrel on Passenger Street for rides and fun from noon to 4pm. Come out, Shoot some hoops with our basketball bike, ride a beast, and meet the kids that built these amazing creations in our Williams Street workshop.

    While you're there, donate $20 and grab a t-shirt. You can sport a cool design while getting some serious street cred for supporting our programs while supplies last!

  • A Tale of 2 Maker Faires and 1 Fire Tornado

    October was a busy month for our Urban Art Bikers. The kids from The Bethlehem Center attended Maker Faire Atlanta where they received a lot of positive feedback from thousands of attendees that stopped to try out their art bikes. The students also received three exhibit of merit awards for their creations. All in all, Atlanta’s Maker Faire had 30,000 people in attendance over the two day event.

    The following week, we were back in Chattanooga where kids from The Bethlehem Center and two of our Glass Street Students participated and shared their creations with a crowd of 2,200. Also on exhibit was Art 120’s first collaborative art piece with the community, Mr. Twister Fire Tornado. A big thanks to Siskin Steel for supplying all the metal and board member, Conrad Tengler for stepping up to the challenge along with artist Andrew Nigh, Mike Harrison, and Bryan Dyer. People really seemed to enjoy the sculpture and we will continue to work as a team to figure out our next steps with this really cool, bike powered piece.

    NEXT STOP: Mainx24!

  • Flying Donut Incident Makes History!

    On the morning of Friday, September 19th, 2014 A.D. The Flying Donut Incident began in the scenic city of Chattanooga, Tennessee during Park(ing) Day. People came from far and wide to lend a hand and launch a donut for art and mural. The battle waged on for six hours. Many donuts were caught during the onslaught. Others were eaten by hungry warriors. Thanks to the brave citizens of Chattanooga, this day will be remembered in art history!

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