Art Bikes, Sculpture, and Workshops. Oh My!

Art bike artist, Natali Leduc, is returning to Chattanooga to teach a series of workshops and will be bringing a special interactive sculpture to town for a small tour of Chattanooga.

“Thenwedieatron” a collaborative sculpture by Matthew Gorgol and Natali Leduc, is giant pyramid inflated by a stationary fan-bicycle. The sculpture is about trust and interdependence. While pyramids are normally perceived as a structure devoted to the preservation of the dead, this one focuses on the ephemeral and the joy of being alive.

Visit the Chattanooga Public Library and be part of this amazing sculpture!

“Thenwedieatron” will begin its first week on the 4th floor of The Chattanooga Public Library on Monday, July 1st. Visitors to the library can take turns to inflate the structure and actually walk inside the pyramid. The 4th Floor is the library's new maker space and beta lab that serves as a public laboratory and educational facility with a focus on information, design, technology, and the applied arts. The public is invited to try out the bike on Monday, July 1 from 9-8pm, and Friday, July 5 from 9-6pm, during regular library hours.

Detail of Natali Leduc's Bottle Bike. 

The Workshops

Art 120 kicks off our second year of art bike building workshops with a class for adults on July 1-5th and a youth workshop July 8th-12th. Students will have fun learning about the art of form, design, fabrication, engineering, and problem solving. These workshops will take place at Glass House Collective’s Custom Cycle Shop located at 2525 Glass Street on the corner of Glass Street and Chamberlain. Participants will work in teams to complete several art bikes that will be on display throughout the year. Hurry! Deadline is June 26th and seats are limited! Click here to download an application.

These opportunities are made possible through the collaborative efforts of Art 120, The Chattanooga Public Library, Glass House Collective, Outdoor Chattanooga, The Hunter Museum, and The Lyndhurst Foundation.