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Art & STEM, Two Taste Treats in One Mobile Arts Center!

Our Southside Maker Arts Center (SMAC) has evolved from a brick and mortar on the southside into a fleet of vehicles that can bring programs to any events, classrooms, recreation centers, or other groups where learning and fun go hand in hand. Introducing the new SMAC (STEM Mobile Arts Classroom). Programs include:

Childrens' Sculpture Park - Make and create on a large scale with these giant blocks, chutes, balls and objects. The full garden can handle twenty-five children at a time and provides creative play for hours. This is available for a daily rental fee and teachers are available for an additional charge. Perfect for primary grades (and adults too).

Sphero Paint Party - Spheros are sphere-shaped robots that roll on the floor to a user's commands. Art 120 takes this one step further by adding textures, paint, and a dozen Spheros for students to create and make their own artwork with. This program is great for groups ranging from 12-24 in size. All supplies are provided and an Art120 teacher will be on hand to assist. Primary to junior high.

Chibitronic Art - Create murals, cards or pictures that light up while learning about electronic circuitry. Our curriculum is customizable to accommodate up to twenty students and engage learners from 3rd grade through high school.

Squishy Circuit Light up Figures - First through third graders learn how to create conductive and non-conductive materials to create figures that can light up, blink and turn off or on. This is a great precursor to Chibitronic Art and can accommodate a large group of students.

Urban Art Bike Program - Our mobile classroom allows us to setup a three bay welding class anywhere. Learn to weld, use power tools and make fully rideable sculptures in this immersive class for ages 10 and up. This is a great add on for a workshop, class project or summer program.

Attention principals and teachers: Funding available through the Tennessee Arts Commission for Title 1 schools.

Contact Kate Warren to schedule a meeting and get signed up today!