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Bring Art120 Programs into Your School for Free!

The Student Ticket Subsidy (STS) grant program provides funds for Tennessee public schools to experience a broad variety of artistic disciplines, cultural opportunities, and artists. Teachers and Principals are encouraged to apply for up to $3,000 per Title 1 school. As an approved arts organization, the following Art 120 programs are available: 

     • ArtCarAVan Art 120 brings two artists to work in your school for a day. Artists discuss the mediums used, and share what motivated them to create art. Students see the artwork up close, ask questions, learn about the process, and are   encouraged to value their own creativity. Teachers have   the opportunity to integrate the activity in with their own curriculum. 

    • Urban Art Bike Program Design and build a fully functional kinetic sculpture with your class, (aka: ”Art Car”). Students will broaden their artistic access, deepen learning as they integrate other    educational disciplines into their art such as engineering and math. Art 120 will provide a bicycle for your class, create a gameplan with you after the first brainstorming session, and organize on-site workshops tailored to your  students’ design. All work completed in time will have  the opportunity to exhibit in the Scenic City Art Car Weekend. 

    Please Note: Funds are available on a first come, first serve basis. Teachers applying for funding need to be ready to register August 13th. Please make sure you have your login information ready, or register with the Tennessee Arts Commission if you are a first-time applicant.  For details, visit the Tennessee Arts Commission main page at .