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  • Teaching with STE(A)M

    How do you make STE(A)M? Take STEM-Based learning and add art. Hands-on STE(A)M programs like this are a wonderful way to develop design skills in students alongside engineering and math. Students on our workshops also learn how to use power tools and weld in order to make their creations come to life. If you have been following our posts, you may have already heard about what the boys were up to, but did you see what our girls' teams came up with? Reporter Lauren St. Germain from Newschannel 9 stopped by and captured their progress.

  • Urban Art Bike Summer

    July is already here and three new art bike contraptions are about to be revealed! The Bethlehem Center, located in the Alton Park neighborhood of Chattanooga, Tennessee is partnering with us to teach the skills necessary to create an art bike. So far, nine young men, ranging in age from 11 to 15 years old are learning about art, design, and fabrication.

    Join us next week as we post interviews from our class and take a look what the young ladies from The Bethlehem Center come up with.

  • Urban Art Bikes are Moving In!

    1070074_550545208341896_547442168_nArt 120 is thrilled to announce the opening of their new location just off Main and Broad at 1511 Williams Street. Their new studio will serve as their main office and workshop space to create, teach, and build mobile creations. “We are especially excited about the opportunity to introduce youth to welding this year.” said executive director, Kathryn Warren.

    This year, Art 120 is partnering with the Bethlehem Center to bring their youth through the Urban Art Bike Program. In order to accommodate this group, Art 120 is holding special teacher training classes beginning June 6th. The 7 day course runs Friday-Saturday and Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm with a 1 hour break for lunch. Teachers will learn how to instruct a team through Art 120’s sculpture process using a variety of tools and techniques, including welding.

    The cost for the class is $400 and includes all gear, supplies, and materials. If participants satisfy the requirements of the course and can commit to teaching, they will be eligible to receive a stipend of up to $1600 and have their tuition reimbursed depending on commitment and availability.  Each teacher will be assigned a team of four youth and an assistant for each three week session.

    Youth Session 1 Monday thru Thursday, Noon-3pm June 16- July 4th Fridays, 10am-2:30pm.

    Youth Session 2Monday thru Thursday, Noon-3pm July 7- July 25th. Fridays, 10am-2:30pm.

    Apply Today!

  • Chattanooga Art Shows Big in Houston

    10270397_247026252156877_1063136565751625447_nAs you know, everything is big, Big, BIG, in Texas. The Houston Art Car Parade is no exception, boasting  over 260 art car and contraption entries this year and an impressive turnout that topped their previous record of 300,000. The weekend was full of fun and creativity, including three creations from Chattanooga with artists Wendy Tippens, Conrad Tengler, and our own Urban Art Bike gang. Needless to say, we were well represented and artist, Conrad Tengler, took home the first place trophy for Best cycle. This was a very inspirational and reaffirming trip for our crew. All of us returned refreshed and ready to create with new ideas and friends for our event next year. Inspiration flowed from the ball to the parade and everywhere else. Check out these images from Houston taken by Anna Lee at Alternative Houston, Wendy Tippens from Chattanooga, and Houston artist, Carol Wells.

  • Urban Art Bike Workshops Coming!!!

    The Art Car weekend was a huge success!!!! Our artists visited over 7,000 students in Hamilton County that do not have access to art, we had four school entries in the parade, and record turnout for our events. We will post pictures and details soon, but first summer is coming an we cannot wait to share our summer opportunities with you. Here's a sneak peek! See you on the Southside!

    ABout Us Flier 2014 Art Bike Workshops

  • Scenic City Art Car Weekend Begins this Friday!

    Ding, Dong! Over art cars are coming to Chattanooga this weekend!

    Chattanooga, start your engines! The 3rd Annual Scenic City Art Car Parade will kick off with a very creative morning commute as our artists head to local schools without and art program on Friday morning, continue with a super disco costume fun-raiser in Miller Plaza from 7-10pm, and wrap it all up with the Tailgate Party and Parade beginning in the Majestic 12 parking lot. It's all free but if you come to the ball, bring your appetite. We have some fabulous food trucks lined up and a portion of the proceeds will go toward our arts education programs.

  • April is for Art Cars!

    Web art



  • Art Cars & Art Bikes - This is How We Roll

    Art Car Artist, Wendy Tippens shares a smile with a new friend at the Scenic City Art Car Parade. 

    Thank you Chattanooga! Your support allows Art 120 to bring artists into schools where art programs do not exist, provide a public platform to celebrate students and artists for their work, teach workforce development skills to urban youth, encourage STEAM-based learning, curate exhibits, and organize the only art car event this side of the Mississippi from Miami to Baltimore.

    Why? When you create art, you learn change is possible. When you bring art into the schools, you empower students to think for themselves. And when you take art to the streets, you positively impact your community.

    With a 35% increase in exposure over the prior year, our event is growing fast. We are looking for innovative individuals, organizations, and businesses that are interested in being part of a high media event that supports creative learning opportunities for children.

    It Takes Fuel to Keep the Parade Rolling and Free for Everyone

    Donate. Your tax deductible contribution will go toward our programs that get art into the schools, provide urban art bike workshops, and provide free public art events that give everyone access to the arts. Any amount is appreciated and tax deductible. Our flagship donors will get to Hitch a Ride in an art car and support a great cause, click here to ride shotgun.

    Volunteer. Our volunteers are the backbone of our program and they also get front row seats to the most amazing event of the year! Even a small amount of your time can make a positive difference. Lend your talents and have the time of your life! Click here to see the opportunities available.

    Sponsor. In addition to a lot of media exposure, our sponsors have a lot of fun. Opportunities include art car team building exercises, onsite visit, and VIP access to our weekend activities including the art car ball and breakfast at Rock City. Contact to learn more.

    In-Kind State of Mind. As a small organization, we rely on the kindness of others to help provide anything from old bikes, cars, and trophies to food, athletic equipment, and places for our artists to stay while in town. We entertain just about any offer. Submit inquiries to: In-Kind Donations



  • Urban Art Bikes on Glass Street

    1015873_10151499979201366_1638097419_oArt 120 had the privilege of conducting two art bike workshops on Glass Street as part of the Glass House Collective's Summer Workshop Series. Houston art bike artist and teacher, Natali Leduc, taught students how to take a three dimensional concept and turn it into a fully functional kinetic sculpture in one week. Students learned how to present a concept in front of their peers, safely use power tools, measure and cut steel beams, and experienced welding with a trained professional.

    The first week involved a group of five professional artists and young adults who learned how to weld. Using scrap metal and recycled parts, this group created a double bike with a ski system in tow. Adults who completed week one were able to mentor in the youth program the following week.

    1069983_568033826569103_1996341512_nWeek two proved to be the most exciting. Eleven youth ages 10-15 years arrived on Day 1. Many of our students thought they were just going to paint a bike. Once students learned about power tool and shop safety, they quickly realized they were going to be rebuilding from scrap parts and materials to make something completely new. By noon students had seen other examples and began drawing out their own concepts. Several great ideas came to the forefront and by the time each one was presented, three strong teams emerged, determined to get their art bikes completed in time.

    1026034_10151499983216366_1876211907_oBy Saturday, the students were ready share their amazing creations with the public at the big reveal in Coolidge Park. Outdoor Chattanooga provided the perfect reception area. Following a recognition ceremony and lunch, it was time. Hundreds in the park stopped to see these works of art make their way across the North Shore landscape. People applauded and even giggled at the site of these unique creations. Click here to see video from our kids' debut.

    Since the big reveal in the park, the Glass House kids' work has been featured in three news segments and will be in a special parade at Riverfront Nights, Saturday August 17th. Please come out and congratulate our kids on their upcoming venture to show their bikes at the Mini Maker Faire in Atlanta October 26th.

    Atlanta_MMF_logos_GooglePlus1-300x282Held on the campus of Georgia Tech, this all day event is a wonderful opportunity to recognize our kids for their achievement and introduce them to opportunities they would not necessarily be exposed to. We want to make sure our students have the best experience possible when they are represented in front of Maker Faire's

    7500 expected guests.

    Contact and learn how you can help make a difference today.

    Art 120 would like to thank its volunteers, donors, and our partnership with Glass House Collective that helped us make this program a success.


  • Art Bikes, Sculpture, and Workshops. Oh My!

    Art bike artist, Natali Leduc, is returning to Chattanooga to teach a series of workshops and will be bringing a special interactive sculpture to town for a small tour of Chattanooga.

    “Thenwedieatron” a collaborative sculpture by Matthew Gorgol and Natali Leduc, is giant pyramid inflated by a stationary fan-bicycle. The sculpture is about trust and interdependence. While pyramids are normally perceived as a structure devoted to the preservation of the dead, this one focuses on the ephemeral and the joy of being alive.

    Visit the Chattanooga Public Library and be part of this amazing sculpture!

    “Thenwedieatron” will begin its first week on the 4th floor of The Chattanooga Public Library on Monday, July 1st. Visitors to the library can take turns to inflate the structure and actually walk inside the pyramid. The 4th Floor is the library's new maker space and beta lab that serves as a public laboratory and educational facility with a focus on information, design, technology, and the applied arts. The public is invited to try out the bike on Monday, July 1 from 9-8pm, and Friday, July 5 from 9-6pm, during regular library hours.

    Detail of Natali Leduc's Bottle Bike. 

    The Workshops

    Art 120 kicks off our second year of art bike building workshops with a class for adults on July 1-5th and a youth workshop July 8th-12th. Students will have fun learning about the art of form, design, fabrication, engineering, and problem solving. These workshops will take place at Glass House Collective’s Custom Cycle Shop located at 2525 Glass Street on the corner of Glass Street and Chamberlain. Participants will work in teams to complete several art bikes that will be on display throughout the year. Hurry! Deadline is June 26th and seats are limited! Click here to download an application.

    These opportunities are made possible through the collaborative efforts of Art 120, The Chattanooga Public Library, Glass House Collective, Outdoor Chattanooga, The Hunter Museum, and The Lyndhurst Foundation.

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Bring Art120 Programs into Your School for Free!

The Student Ticket Subsidy (STS) grant program provides funds for Tennessee public schools to experience a broad variety of artistic disciplines, cultural opportunities, and artists. Teachers and Principals are encouraged to apply for up to $3,000 per Title 1 school. As an approved arts organization, the following Art 120 programs are available: 

     • ArtCarAVan Art 120 brings two artists to work in your school for a day. Artists discuss the mediums used, and share what motivated them to create art. Students see the artwork up close, ask questions, learn about the process, and are   encouraged to value their own creativity. Teachers have   the opportunity to integrate the activity in with their own curriculum. 

    • Urban Art Bike Program Design and build a fully functional kinetic sculpture with your class, (aka: ”Art Car”). Students will broaden their artistic access, deepen learning as they integrate other    educational disciplines into their art such as engineering and math. Art 120 will provide a bicycle for your class, create a gameplan with you after the first brainstorming session, and organize on-site workshops tailored to your  students’ design. All work completed in time will have  the opportunity to exhibit in the Scenic City Art Car Weekend. 

    Please Note: Funds are available on a first come, first serve basis. Teachers applying for funding need to be ready to register August 13th. Please make sure you have your login information ready, or register with the Tennessee Arts Commission if you are a first-time applicant.  For details, visit the Tennessee Arts Commission main page at .