Chattanooga Art Shows Big in Houston

10270397_247026252156877_1063136565751625447_nAs you know, everything is big, Big, BIG, in Texas. The Houston Art Car Parade is no exception, boasting  over 260 art car and contraption entries this year and an impressive turnout that topped their previous record of 300,000. The weekend was full of fun and creativity, including three creations from Chattanooga with artists Wendy Tippens, Conrad Tengler, and our own Urban Art Bike gang. Needless to say, we were well represented and artist, Conrad Tengler, took home the first place trophy for Best cycle. This was a very inspirational and reaffirming trip for our crew. All of us returned refreshed and ready to create with new ideas and friends for our event next year. Inspiration flowed from the ball to the parade and everywhere else. Check out these images from Houston taken by Anna Lee at Alternative Houston, Wendy Tippens from Chattanooga, and Houston artist, Carol Wells.