March into our early Spring Welding Classes

Add sparks to your life with welding!  Art 120 has two, four session classes available beginning March 7th. 

Register by February 28th to be included in this class.

Cost includes: materials, equipment use, and supplies needed for the class.

Classes take place at our new space located in ChattLab at the Business Development Center: 100 Cherokee Blvd Suite #121 

Sessions begin March 7th and run every Wednesday to March 28th. You can choose from two, one hour class times: 6pm, and 7:30pm every Wednesday. Each class is $25 and if you wish to join our welding club afterwards, the cost is $25 a month. Or, you can join ChattLab for $50 a month.

March 7th-   Shop Safety and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

March 14th - Introduction to Grinding and Shop Tools

March 21st - Introduction to Welding

March 28th - Open Class Day from 9am - 9pm

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All Applicants MUST:

be at least eighteen years old.

Complete all four onboarding classes to pass.

Be prepared to get messy. Wear old long sleeve cotton shirts, close-toed shoes, and jeans will be necessary for shop work. 

Past Classes

Urban Art Bike Teacher Training

This year, we are partnering with Glass House Collective and the East Chattanooga Rec Center to bring twelve of their youth through our program. In order to accommodate this group, we are holding a special teacher training class beginning June 26th. The 5 day course runs Monday-Friday from 1pm to 4pm. Professional artist and creator of many amazing art bikes will be leading you through the process from beginning to end. You will learn how to instruct a team through Art 120’s sculpture process using a variety of tools and techniques, including welding. This class is perfect for those who want to learn how to bring this fabulous form of public sculpture into your studio or classroom. 

Class dates: June 26th-30th from 9:00am to 1:00pm (Please note the class time was updated on 06/22/2017)
Cost: $400 per student (includes all materials and supplies)

Place: East Chattanooga YFD - 2409 Dodson Ave, Chattanooga, TN 37406
Hurry! Only a few seats available! Click Here to register and reserve your space.

Stipends Available
The cost for the class is $400 and includes all gear, supplies, and materials. If you satisfy the requirements of the course and can commit to teaching the Glass Street Urban Art Bike Class beginning July 3rd (see details below), you will be eligible to receive a stipend of $200 and tuition reimbursement (teaching available on a first come, first served basis).  Each teacher will be assigned a team of four youth for the two week session. Afterwards, you will become part of the Art 120 Urban Art Bike crew and will be paid $15 - $20 for any classes you teach in the future.

About the class
Your students, ages 11-14, will work in a team of four to create and build fully functional fully functional kinetic energy-powered sculptures. Broaden your artistic access, deepen learning as you integrate other educational disciplines into their art including; science, math, physics, and engineering. Learn to weld and transform an ordinary object into an artistically expressive piece yielding an avant-garde style artwork. Great for creatives that want to build and educators who want to incorporate hands-on STEAM curriculum into their classes. All levels of experience welcome!

Urban Art Bike teaching dates: July 3rd-14th from 9:00am to 1:00pm
Place: East Chattanooga YFD - 2409 Dodson Ave, Chattanooga, TN 37406

Sm(ART) Cars

Thanks to a grant from the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga, Art 120 has been able to pilot programs centered on circuitry concepts and multimedia exploration, starting in 2017! Use this Sm(ART) Car Coloring Page to get your students excited about "making" in more than one capacity! Maker materials like recyclable goods, newspaper and magazine clippings, and electrical circuit gadgets like Chibitronics or Circuit Scribe can elevate your students' work! Email or to learn more about how to bring Art 120's curriculum to your students!

Learn from a Rice Scholar in these open and interactive classes.  
Classes are $115 per 3 day course, TEACHERS get discounted rate at $75 per 3 day course. Dates and times to be determined. Click here to get on our Raspberry Python waiting list for summer 2017. 

Raspberry Pi Python 1    
The Raspberry PI version of the first course in Studio MindStride’s 'Think Like a Computer Scientist' series. A great introduction to Python and to programming concepts in general if you want to move on to another language. Bring a Raspberry PI, 5V micro USB power supply, Micro USB Power Cable (a build-in on/off switch is recommended), SD Card, USB Mouse, Keyboard, HDMI Monitor and Cable, USB SD Card Reader.                                                            
Raspberry Pi Python 2  
The Raspberry PI version of the second course in Studio MindStride’s ‘Think Like a Computer Scientist’ series. Learn several new techniques for making programs faster, smaller, and more maintainable. Requirements: Bring your Raspberry Pi and supplies from Raspberry Pi Python I.  Prerequisites: Raspberry Pi

Python I Raspberry Python Vision Basics  
Install the OpenCV Computer Vision Library on the Raspberry Pi and use it to write Python programs that recognize color, recognize objects, and track objects using the Raspberry Pi Camera Module. 
Requirements: Bring your Raspberry Pi and supplies from Raspberry Pi Python I. Prerequisites: Raspberry Pi Python I                            

Python GUI & OOP  
This is an introduction to graphical user interfaces (GUIs) as well as event-based and object-oriented programming. In continuing to learn to "think like a programmer", we will introduce the following topics: Widgets, Geometry Management, Events and Event Loops, Callback Handlers, Objects, and Classes.  You must bring a computer with Python installed and working.                                                   

Python I on Macs or PCs  
This is the first course in Studio MindStride’s 'Think Like a Computer Scientist' series. It's a great introduction to Python and to programming concepts in general if you want to move on to another language. We'll install and use Python and IDLE,'s beginning Interactive Development Environment. With IDLE, Wiprograms as a model, you'll be on your way to writing your own programs.  You must bring: a PC or Mac. 

Cost: $115 per 3 day course. $75 for TEACHERS.