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Coming Soon to a School Near You!

Ever see a robot paint? Now you can! Thanks to support from The Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga, Art 120 has some exciting new programs coming to schools this fall. Art 120, Red Bank Elementary Librarian, Cristol Kapp and Maker Ed worked together to test a variety of STEM equipment and develop arts-based curriculum to foster learning by utilizing the elementary school students' creative side. In a county where thirty elementary schools do not have an art program, it is necessary to provide curriculum that addresses this need while preparing students for the future. Art 120's mission is to use art as a catalyst to, "Engage, Teach and Inspire". 

At the conclusion of our project with  The Communnity Foundation, we served 685 students, trained 11 teachers to use this curriculum and introduced these educational tools through hands-on learning to 250 Hamilton County teachers at the HCDE Engage event 

As part of this program, our curriculum will be made available to ALL Hamilton County teachers on this website, beginning August 6th. We will also include the cost of materials and our experiences from the equipment we tested to help schools make smart choices about the STEM materials they choose to purchase for their schools.

If your school does not have a makerspace, Art 120 can bring these programs into your school. Art 120's SMAC truck (STEAM Mobile Art Car), has programs on board that allow students to: draw electrical art that blinks, create clay creatures that light up, build twelve foot tall structures, and teach robots to paint. Cost varies depending on the activity and are scalable to meet your schools' needs. To learn more, contact Kate Warren directly at