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Pop Hop Artist Showcase: Bonnie Blue

For our first showcase, we have the amazing Bonnie Blue!

We asked her a few questions that you can see below. For more information, you can go to her website as well.

1. What inspires you?

I inspire myself. I dream art. I create in my dreams. And seeing other artists work inspires me.


2. Do you have any interesting or funny stories you'd like to share?
The bra babes I sent came about because one year for the Houston artcar parade , my artcar the women rock artcar : honored Breast cancer survivors. I had 12 survivors ride with me in the parade all the survivors wore a bra babe in the parade

3. How did you start creating art?

I have always done art. Even as a child. I have made a living as an artist for 40 year.

Come to Southside Maker Arts Center on September 12th to get some of Bonnie's work for yourself!