Sponsor a Child for the Art-Car-A-Van May 8th

Keep the Art-Car-A-Van Rolling!

There are 32 elementary schools in Hamilton County that do not have an art program. For less than a Mocha Latte, you can help reach, teach, & inspire them.

These children will:

  • Meet two artists with different art styles/mediums.
  • Have a chance to touch the art, peer in the windows, see the ornamentation/lights, and in some cases, hear the sounds.
  • Learn that their ideas are powerful like how they can turn an ambulance into a giant red wagon or a bike into a winged dragon!
  • Get to to be curious, ask questions, and share thoughts.
  • Have fun!

Sponsor a Child and Join the Party!

While the artists are here, Art 120 will hold a tailgate party and parade for everyone! Come see these amazing creations up close, vote for your favorite school entry, and celebrate what you helped us accomplish. This whole weekend of Awareness, Reaching, and Teaching (A.R.T.) costs only $5 per child. Donate now at causeway.org/causes/art-car-a-van