The River Otter is on the Loose

Art car artist, Rebecca Bass,  left a lot of artcar momentum going after her seminar. Three weeks ago, artists, educators, and engineers assembled at Chattanooga State University to embark on a project never seen before, an art car created especially for the city of Chattanooga.

The Concept

Take an old, Toyota Chinook Camper and turn it into our scenic city on wheels. Our team worked together to create the design. Below are a few images show the original vehicle and our progress so far. As you can see, Lookout and Signal Mountain sit majestically on the roof with the Tennessee River spilling over either side of our sculpture. The passenger side represents the wonderful outdoor activities we enjoy and the driver's side reveals our vibrant arts community. And gracefully hanging over the hood, we have a river otter to represent our wildlife.


Ever since the creation of the automobile, people have been modifying their cars, and receiving lots of smiles in return. Artwork like this is accessible to anyone, even those who have never stepped foot in an art gallery or museum before. Art cars combine both art and engineering, making them an excellent classroom project too. Furthermore, art cars are made from recycled parts. Many of these cars and their accessories are found objects destined more for the landfill than on the street. Artists all over the world tap into this form of of art and ultimately create something good for mankind.

What's next?

This art car is currently under construction and will go on to participate in several public events such as Mainx24, Chattanooga's first art car parade in April 2012, as well as represent Chattanooga in The 2012 Houston Art Car Parade.

Want to help?

Join us for some fun and inspiration. Share your thoughts and exchange ideas. Our next informal workshop will be Saturday, November 19th from 11am-5pm and it's free. To register, please email and she will add you to the list. School Classes and teachers are welcome too! Just call 423/314-6659 to see if we can arrange an all our art workday for your school.

Objects are Cool too.

Art 120 is also accepting old Chattanooga memorabilia, mardi gras beads, ornamental metal, etc. People interested in donating items for a tax deduction may contact Art 120 via email Please list your contact info, type of donation, and we will coordinate with you.