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    Art 120 Welcomes the Stones!!!
    Fri, September 14, 2018

    One of the most epic art cars in history has been gifted to Art 120 and will be rolling into town. Recently featured during car week, this tribute to the Rolling Stones is an inspiration to all. Click here to learn more about this mobile sculpture!

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Your imagination needs space to breath.

Help us rebuild that space at The Howard School!

The original Southside Maker Art Center (aka SMAC) was destroyed in a fire on Thanksgiving Day, 2016. While we lost a lot of equipment, people were safe, and the spirit to "make" lives on. Today, we are rebuilding in the old gymnasium at The Howard School. SMAC will continue to serve as a cooperative creative space for the community, by the community. We want to include as many tools and supplies as our creative neighborhood desires, so this is where YOU come in. We need your input to build make the Southside Maker Arts Center truly yours!