Who We Are

Kate Warren, Executive Director - Kate Warren has over twenty years experience in marketing, graphic design, arts event management, and visual art. In her career, Kate has taught arts education programs, produced monthly art events, ran internet media campaigns, and served in marketing/brand management for several large Chattanooga businesses. Kate can be reached at 423/314-6659 or via email at katewarren@art120.org.

Our MAKER ED Americorps VISTAs:

Dan Mailman, Studio MindStride/Art 120 partner - Dan made Studio MindStride for getting the word out on projects. He is developing for either love or profit. It’s about 6 years old now. He doesn’t really have a mission or plan except to make cool things that help creative people do even cooler things. His workshops are at Art 120 in Chattanooga and at TXRX Labs, a Houston-based hackerspace and makerspace. His second greatest pleasure these days is lending a hand to my creative maker colleagues in these spaces. He have a fair ability to encourage bits to dance on cue, and mostly he writes software for projects. The software often takes on a life of its own and is sufficiently 'magical' that Dan thinks of it as Genies serving makers. What are Genies? Genies are usually custom software for projects for commercial use, enrichment classes to give makers practice being makers, teach complex STE(A)M skills in a fun, interesting, hands-on, process. The Stage Genie Tech and Curriculum (Thanks to Mozilla!!) is an example of affordable tools to assist creatives in the business of creating.

Hannah Hahn, Education Coordinator - Hannah Hahn is a practicing visual artist and a recent graduate of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education and a minor in History. Hannah primarily draws and paints, but also experiments with other assorted mediums to produce her work, specifically photography and sculpture.  Art has always been a personal passion and source for relaxation or reflection for Hannah, and she's excited to share her admiration for the arts with the community, as well as learn from those who a part of it. She is eagerly planning projects and writing curriculum with Chattanooga's educators and advocates, so if you are interested in helping please don't hesitate to reach out! Email her at edu@art120.org if you'd like to connect.