And the winners almost are...

Help us ArtCarAVan to Bess T. Shepherd & Alpine Crest Elementary! We have two schools in the lead this year that have raised funds, but need a little more help so we can cover these artists' costs. Every $5 raised = 1 child's experience at for one of these schools. Donations are tax deductible and include some awesome perks below!

Here's How You can Help ...

1. Select a donation option below. 
There are many cool incentives  from totes and  t-shirts, to Art Car Rides!

2. Enter Bess T. Shepherd or Alpine Crest in your donation description so we can tally their votes for the ArtCarAVan experience.  Every $5 donation = 1 opportunity for a child without art. If you leave it blank, we will split the amount between the two schools.

Share and encourage others to vote.  We need to raise at least $1,000 to reach both schools by April 24th! CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE ARTCARAVAN TO SHARE AND SHOW YOUR SUPPORT!

Art 120 is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization and all donations are tax exempt.

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Why is this page so awesome? Because YOU ARE AWESOME! Your tax deductible gifts bring art into Hamilton County schools, teach STEM skills to youth, and provides an annual free art event that: celebrates our city, brings our community together, encourages teamwork, and showcases student work from around the region.