Help Pave the way for our Kids to Connect with Other Cultures

Art 120 and Creative Discovery Museum (CDM) are partnering on a community art project with Haider Ali, CEO of Phool Patti, an art collective designed to bring the message of peace, love, harmony and respect across the globe through the traditional art of Pakistani Truck Painting.  Mr. Ali is most know for his commissioned work with the Smithsonian Institute where he created an authentic Jingle Truck for their collection. While in Chattanooga, Mr. Ali will transform our school outreach truck into a traveling piece of art.

Hand painted trucks (aka Jingle Trucks), are a popular form of indigenous art in Pakistan. These vehicles feature vibrant floral designs, nature scenes and poetic calligraphy. Because these truck drivers are often away from home for sixty days or more, the artwork often reflects symbols and landscapes from their hometown. Likewise, our jingle truck will have local landscapes, the state bird, and other icons that connect our community. Once the artwork is complete, it will be ready to travel to public events and school programs between Chattanooga and 120 mile radius, even making one trip to Texas to feature our city in the Houston Art Car Weekend (Average attendance for the Houston Art Car Parade is 200,000 people). 

While Chattanooga has a comprehensive collection of American Art at The Hunter Museum, residents have to drive two hours before they have a chance to see art created by an artist from outside of the United States. For the population we serve, Chattanooga's Jingle truck will visually introduce them to a culture they have never experienced before. Our Pakistani community of 2,200 residents will also benefit from having such a positive aspect of their culture represented in our town. We need support from our community to cover the costs necessary to reach these children and bring them an exciting art program where they will design, draw and write about their community as well.

Every $5.00 tax deductible donation covers the cost of a school visit for a child in Hamilton County. 
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